Rhine Harp: a harpsichord wire is strung and tuned on a slightly bowed wooden stick. The flowing water causes the string to vibrate. This is made audible and recorded through a contact microphone placed on the stick.

Leaf Harp: strings are strung and tuned on branches found in the forest. Leaves of small plants play the constructed “instrument” as they move in the wind. A contact microphone records their dance, making it audible.

Rain Harp: a forked branch fitted with strings is played by raindrops.

Stones: the sound of found stones, made audible through rubbing and striking.

Various spring atmospheres with bird calls along the Rhine.

Various spring sonic atmospheres with bird calls and the hustle and bustle of busy insects in springtime around Rheinau.

Rhine bank ambiance.

Water Sounds: the gurgling, murmur and soft rushing sound of small and midsized streams on their way to the Rhine.