Rhine Harp: an instrument string is strung and tuned on a slightly bowed wooden stick. The current of the water causes the string to vibrate. This is recorded and made audible through a contact microphone placed on the stick.

Wind in a Cornfield: the dry rustling and tapping of cornstalks in the field during light summer wind.

Festival Bells: a distant peal in the forest.

Goat Bells: the slow grazing of goats with bells on their collars in the humid summer heat.

Summer Crickets: crickets in the cloister garden.

Rhine Sounds: the murmur and splashing of the Rhine over small embankments during shallow summer water levels

Water Sounds: gurgling, murmuring and splashing of small streams on their way to the Rhine.

Various forest ambiences in summer with isolated bird calls.

Stones: the sound of found stones, made audible through rubbing and striking.

Birds in the cloister garden.

Summer rain on the Rhine.

A fountain in the town.

An old spruce tree, played like a thumb piano.

Wind: soft rustling in leaves of various trees and brushes.