Approach this piece as you would a vista. Move towards it, it hums. Stay, it sings. Back away, it fades. Spend more time, it gives more.

A blue “Cube” lives in the garden, quietly humming and singing of the world around, creating a gentle harmonic meditative atmosphere in real-time. A tuning tube on the front of the building generates a harmonic order in response to the sounds around it. The solid, simple “Cube” is clearly the source of the sound. It is physical and direct. It is a speaker and a place to sit and contemplate.

Sit down on the “Cube” and a “hearing view” of the world responds to your presence and opens up slowly. First the sound of the harmonic tube gently gets a bit louder. Listen longer and other sounds from the Rheinau Library slowly emerge. This collection of beautiful and healing resonances of nature will be created for this piece from the surrounding landscape (collected by O+A and selected with the experience and knowledge of the Psychiatrischen Universitätsklinik Rheinau staff).

When you are done, you get up and the piece responds by returning to its quietest basic state.


  • Blue Cube: omnidirectional cube loudspeaker
  • Resonance Tube
  • HEARING VIEW Rheinau Sound Library
  • HEARING VIEW Program:
    replay logic (computer software and micro controller programming) guided by sensors


The sound material consists of a real-time on-site audio feed, as well as sounds from the HEARING VIEW Rheinau Sound Library.


A resonance tube with a length of 411.4 cm (161.8 in) and a diameter of 11cm (4.3 in) is placed on the roof of building 60. This tube generates an overtone series in the key of E in resonant response to sounds of the surrounding environment.

A microphone, placed within the tube, picks up the harmonized sound and sends it in real time to building 80-82 with the help of a transmitter. The sound becomes audible through a cube loudspeaker in the garden.

When the installation is active, the blue cube softly plays the sound of the resonance tube.

If you sit on the cube, the sound intensifies.

Linger a while longer, you begin to hear sounds from the HEARING VIEW Sound Library.

Leave the cube, it returns to playing the soft sound of the resonance tube.


Die HEARING VIEW Rheinau Klangbibliothek ist eine Sammlung von Aufnahmen, die von Oktober 2012 bis August 2013 in der näheren Umgebung des Klinikums Rheinau entstanden sind.

Sie erzählen von den Klängen und Stimmungen der Landschaft in und rund um Rheinau im Wechsel der Jahreszeiten. Jede der vier Jahreszeiten hat ihre eigene Sammlung.